let it beLet it be(讓它去吧)When I find myself in time of trouble當我發覺自己陷入苦惱的時候Mother Mary comes to me聖母瑪莉亞來到我面前澎湖民宿Speaking words of wisdom: Let it be說著智慧之語:讓它去吧And in my hour of darkness在我黑暗的時刻裡She is standing right in front of me她G2000就站在我面前Speaking words of wisdom: Let it be說著智慧之語:讓它去吧Let it be, let it be讓它去吧,隨它去吧Let it be, let it be讓它去吧,澎湖民宿隨它去吧Whisper words of wisdom: Let it be輕輕說著智慧之語:讓它去吧And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree當世上所有建築設計心碎的人們都同意There will be an answer: Let it be會有一個答案:讓它去吧For though they may be parted雖然他們也許分手了There is still a 房屋買賣chance that they will see仍有機會可以看清楚There will be an answer: Let it be會有一個答案:讓它去吧Let it be, let it be讓它去吧,隨它去吧襯衫Let it be, let it be讓它去吧,隨它去吧Yeah, there will be an answer: Let it be是的,會有一個答案:讓它去吧And when the night is cloudy當夜個人信貸晚烏雲密佈There is still a light that shines on me有道光芒依然照耀著我Shine until tomorrow. Let it be直到明日,讓它去吧I wake up to the 好房網sound of music我在音樂聲中醒來Mother Mary comes to me聖母瑪莉亞來到我面前Speaking words of wisdom: Let it be說著智慧之語:讓它去吧小型辦公室http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oZYqAeIdYk

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